Monday, November 26, 2012

Anthology Guidelines

Title: Strange Critters: Unusual Creatures of Appalachia
Publisher: Woodland Press
Editor: Frank Larnerd
Format: Trade Paperback, ebook
Payment: five-cents per word (upon publication) plus contributor copy.
No reprints
Story length: Up to 2500 words
No multiple or simultaneous subs
Deadline: 12:00am Sunday, June 30th, 2013
E-mail submissions to:
RTF, DOC, or DOCX  attachments only.

I am looking for horror stories featuring legendary, mythical, or imaginary creatures of Appalachia. Stories based on established local lore are preferred, but exceptions may be made for exceptionally crafted creatures. I am NOT looking for stories with zombies, vampires or other popular monsters. Submitted stories can be set in any time period, but must take place in the Appalachian region.

Although the anthology is mainly targeted for adults, we DO NOT want stories containing language or content unsuitable for children. Submissions should also avoid unflattering Appalachian stereotypes.

Accepted Manuscript Formatting:
Use Times New Roman (12).
Italicize what you want italicized.
Single space after sentence-ending punctuation.
Be sure to include your name, address, and email on your manuscript.

artwork by Joseph Lusk


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    1. wow,,, unique and funny images, greeting from us Obat Aborsi and thank you for share the info so amazing once

  2. Does "Appalachia" for this anthology match the definition used here:


    1. JD, that is a great question. The answer is yes and no.

      If you're judging by this quote: "Historian John Alexander Williams, in his 2002 book Appalachia: A History, distinguished between a "core" Appalachian region consisting of 164 counties in West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia, and a greater region defined by the ARC." - yes.

      If you're judging by the map presented on the page you posted, no.

      Appalachia is not an easily defined region. Some could claim that parts of Canada should be included. Some may argue that New York or Mississippi should be considered Appalachia.

      It can all be very confusing.

      For me (and the anthology), Appalachia includes West Virginia, parts of Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia.

      I hope that helps!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Oooh! Will there be illustrations? That would be awesome.

  5. Are you still reading, or are you filled at this late date?

    1. No stories will be accepted until every submission is read. The final day to submit stories is June 30th.

  6. How firm is the 2.5k word limit? I appreciate you won't pay above this limit (assuming the story is accepted!) but will you still consider stories that run slightly longer? Thanks.

    1. I will consider longer stories, but they will be harder to fit into the anthology

  7. The maximum word limit is 25oo, but is there a minimum word limit?

  8. There is no minimum word limit.

  9. I'm editing one now. I don't know if it's anything you're looking for or not, but I guess we'll soon see. LOL It was a lot of fun writing it. Cher'ley

  10. Do you send submission received emails? I submitted on June 20 and am wondering if sub was received.

  11. Thomas, would you resend your submission? It looks like it was never received.

    1. Mr. Larnerd:

      I just resubmitted my story for Strange Critters anthology;I don't know why you didn't receive it before. Please let me know here in the comments page if you don't receive it. Even if you don't choose it, I had fun writing it and hope you enjoy reading it.


      Thomas Kleaton

  12. About the question regarding sending out submission received emails. I submitted a story the other day, and I just want to make sure it was received before the deadline.

  13. Time is running out! Got mine sent just under the deadline.

  14. Just submitted - the guidelines say Saturday, June 30, (which really is Sunday) so hopefully it got in ok :) Thanks!

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